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Wake up, English edition



EAN 9789064512384
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Why do so many churches say so little about the return of the Messiah?

Perhaps because a great deal of theology has been separated from its original roots and the keen understanding of the first church. Many divine patterns in the Bible have been dismissed for too long as “Jewish” or “merely allegoric”, causing many Christians to think that they are unimportant and even irrelevant. At the same time history tells us that the church has been open to many pagan influences, though many believers have not even been aware of this.

Today, the Church of Christianity has been called to “Wake Up” and to once again become the Church of Christ in all aspects. In this context, the Biblical Feasts contain New Covenant revelations and give a sharp and breathtaking picture of the future according to God’s Calendar and His Plan of Salvation.

The patterns that can be discovered in the Biblical Feasts are also present in the ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony, as well as in the covenants and harvest cycle of ancient Israel. Further, God has put concrete timelines and cycles in His Word which are connected to these patterns. Several point very specifically to our time!

After doing careful study of these fascinating relationships between biblical patterns, images and times, we trust that many readers will be challenged to rethink some deep-rooted theological paradigms and schemes.

Wake Up! takes you on a journey of discovery, combining information from NASA, the Biblical Feasts, timelines, Jubilee cycles and very special shadows and images. At the same time this journey through the Bible will provide you with a hopeful perspective of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Return.

Buy a copy of Wake Up! and join us on this journey!

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